My first cat cafe…

Three words; cute, entertaining and itchy.

I saw a video of a cat cafe in Japan posted on Facebook a while ago and have been in awe since. It immediately went on my bucket list so it’s safe to say I was very excited for today. We found out about this place by looking through a few leaflets in the supermarket. It’s called the Odd Cat Cafe in Badung, Bali.

Tip: I find that looking at leaflets is always good because even if you don’t go with the company advertising, it can give you an idea of what you want to do/see on your trip.


If you’re like us and struggle to remember directions, set yourself reference points. The roads in Bali are very fast pace and intimidating so to keep stopping and checking where you are isn’t really a good idea. Thankfully this place was easy to find with only a few turns to take. It took us about twenty minutes to drive up on the scooter from Kuta.

When we arrived, the staff were very welcoming and strangely so were the cats. I still can’t quite get over how bizarre the concept of a cat cafe is, but I really enjoyed it. The coffee was good and so were the banana fritters with chocolate. My one complaint is that the owner was very rude to her staff… the human staff just to clarify. We left after that because we felt a bit awkward and I didn’t think it was fair on the girl working there.

If you’re thinking that a cat cafe will be full over playful kitties, it’s not. Cats actually sleep for two thirds of their life so the majority were napping at the time. One of the rules is do not wake the cats, it’s quite hard to follow though when they look so cute and you just want to pet them.



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