Atherton to Meandarra by motorbike – Day 2

Our day started with a bang… literally. 

Whilst travelling at 5km around a roundabout we had our first motorbike accident. It was a very slow tumble in what we suspect to be spilt diesel. It had been raining that morning and rain on disel in like riding on ice. Our back end went out and my knee along with the exhaust, took the impact. 


A few people got out of their cars to check if we were alright. We were absolutely fine just a bit shocked. It happened so quickly but then so slowly and there really wasn’t anything we could of done to stop it. We moved the bike out of the road so we could reassemble and so I could put a plaster on my boo-boo. My poor doc martens got burned on the exhaust, I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t my foot though…

We got back on the road a bit nervous and shaken but after an hour our nerves calmed. It rained a bit today but lucky for us, we seemed to of driven out and away from the storms. That’s something which I find really cool about driving long distance in Australia. You can drive through a rain cloud and into better weather sometimes within ten minutes. The weather has been beautiful and sunny pretty much all day. My nose got a nice tan as well.

We stopped in a little place called The Royal Oak Motel to rest up for the night. Our bums couldn’t take any more sitting. Also a very large, unidentifiable bug committed suicide by flying up my sleeve. So blue/green gunk with lot of legs was stuck to me as we traveled 100km. 

We have had a lovely pub dinner here and a much needed shower. I don’t know about anyone else but my hair gets so gross wearing a helmet all day.

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