Atherton to Meandarra by motorbike – Day one 


After a full ten hours on the bike, I can no longer feel my bottom. We set off at around 9:00am this morning from Atherton and drove the higgldy piggldy Gillies Range for the final time in Australia. This road is so nice to do on a bike because there are a lot of turns and beautiful scenery. The tropic area of far North Queensland is really beautiful.Our first stop was at the bottom of Gillies Range after one of the bags came loose. Bungee cords are one of the best inventions but today they just didn’t want to hold my bag on. In the end we got there. Wearing a full denim ‘sheep skin’ coat, jeans and my DM’s in 32 degree heat is unbearable. As soon as you’re on the bike it’s fine but it’s just when stopping you feel like you’re melting.

Here’s a photo of the bike by one of the well known sugar cane trains of Queensland.

We are staying in an Air BnB in Cannonvale which is right by Airlee beach. It’s really nice and pretty spacious seeing as the listing said it was just a private room. We actually have our own floor and there’s wifi, woo hoo! Something which never fails to surprise me is the lack of wifi in Australia, it just feels quite behind with technology. I absolutely love having internet. It’s the only way to be connected with the world. Home is where the wifi is. 

Our Air BnB doesn’t have air con but it does have a fish tank. 

Tomorrow we will pack our bike a bit better than we did today and head off to Airlee beach for some coffee and beach walking. We are way ahead of schedule and not due to arrive until Monday. We are going to try and get our bike in for a check up too. I don’t know how many people reading this have actually had or heard of a Hyosung but they’re a bit temperamental. She starts when she’s ready and the fuel injection light keeps appearing then disappearing, apparently this is vey common and doesn’t mean anything, but we want to be completely sure. We are heading back into the outback again after all.


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