I made a friend today

Dogs are the best animals. There’s no arguing it. They are just so pure and full of character.

Today I was riding back to our house on the quad bike and Worry (odd name for a dog) began following me but then fell behind. She’s one of the twelve working dogs they have here at the feed lot. Thinking nothing of it, I continued home and began making my lunch. As I sat down, I had the strange feeling of being watched then saw something out the corner of my eye.

I was being watched!

Obviously I had to give her a treat, so I took some ham out of the fridge and gave her two slices. I don’t think it even touched the sides. She swallowed it whole.

This is the face she made when the ham was gone.

We had a cuddle and I gave her a belly rub then it was back to work for us.

I know I’m supposed to, but I can’t treat Australian working dogs like “working dogs”. It’s not me. I only know to love them I’m afraid. Especially when they are this beautiful.


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