Valley of the Giants, Denmark WA

What an amazing place! If you ever want to feel like a a very small pixie in a forest, this is the place.

The south west of Western Australia is hauntingly beautiful. Surrounded by trees which loom over you, and roads which go on forever, you really do feel tiny. 

The tree top walk was on our Australia must see list after a friend of mine, who lives in Perth, recommended it to us. I couldn’t wait to go in as we parked up outside. It was already fascinating from the ground below.

The walk isn’t very long but it is very high. Whilst I was walking along, it was hard not to imagine I was walking along the celebration bridge when a celebrity gets the boot on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! All I needed was some fireworks and Ant and Dec waiting for me at the end.

Here’s another photo of me walking along the bridge if you missed the first one.

Once you get to the end and descend onto ground level, there is a tour guide waiting for you. This man was so passionate about what he did and the country he lived in, it was great to listen to him. 

This is Grandma Tingle. Can you see the face?

After the talk was finished, we had a walk around to see the trees which have hollowed out over the years and the ones which had in the end, fallen down.

A tree tent fairy house.


  1. Thanks for visiting my Midwest Maize blog and liking the post on the Missouri History Museum. While Midwest Maize focuses on the region where I live, I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Australia including in WA, amid those giant trees. Looks like you’ve had some wonderful adventures.


  2. There’s nothing like a passionate tour guide! Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience πŸ™‚


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