Pai Canyon

I love Pai! I came to here two years ago whilst on a tour but only stayed for a few days. It was during rainy season back then, so it’s great to see Pai in the sunlight and not have to carry an umbrella. A quiet mountain town, Pai definitely has its own feel and vibe to it. It’s heaven for hippies and you’re never short of things to see and do.

Today I ventured out on my bike to see the Pai Canyon. It was really easy to get to and only 6km away, so it didn’t take long to drive. It was great riding on this little semi automatic bike. We rented two bikes in Chiang Mai for just over two weeks, in this time we’ll be exploring the north of Thailand, starting with Pai.

I googled the Canyon before I left and found so many people wrote complaints about the amount of tourists that were there. Of course being a tourist I am one of many in these crowds so I was prepared for it to be a little busy. However, when I arrived I was the only one there. Woo hoo!

It was awesome to walk around at my own pace without being in anyone’s way or in their photos. I didn’t walk the whole way around as I stupidly wore flip flops (doh!) but as I’ve done the walk before I wasn’t too worried. Also, we’re here for a week so I will probably come back here at some point – with trainers!

As I was walking a long the trail, I came across a pile of Balance Stones (thank you Victorialise for telling me what these are). I added my own pile but given the stormy weather, I’m not sure how long it will last. If anyone visits the Canyon and is reading this, I’d love to get an update! My pile is the one on the left.

Once I had walked half way around the Canyon, it started to get a bit too slippy for my flip flops to handle, so I decided to head back. It was perfect timing as well, as a large group of tourists had arrived and were going selfie mad at the base of the walk.

This attraction is great for anyone travelling on a budget as it’s free to get in. Just make sure you bring water with you because it is very humid and quite a long walk. Oh, and some sensible shoes!


      1. It’s quite strange – I guess all caves are strange?! – there’s some prehistoric art, loads of bats, some rockety stairs and a river absolutely full of fish that you sail over. I really enjoyed it! Really recommend the hot springs too if you have time. I went twice!

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  1. Dear Emily,

    Pai Canyon looks very beautiful I really hope one day I can travel their. The pictures you took look amazing. When I start traveling I really want to go Thailand and see all the different things out their. Thank You from, Destiny

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  2. Quite a breathtaking view and a lovely place to hike or simply spend some time admiring nature and getting in tune with one’s self. Great post!

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