William Tyndale Monument, Nibbly Knoll

After years of driving on the M5, pointing and saying, “We’ll go up there one day…” We finally went up there!

The William Tyndale Monument can be found on a hill looking over the North of Nibbly. Standing at 111ft tall, it was built in 1866 in rememberance of William Tyndale.

Mitch thinking he’s hilarious, well he sort of is I guess…

William Tyndale dedicated his life to translate The New Testiment Of The Bible into English, so that anyone could read it rather than relying on priest’s interpretation. Unfortunately long before this Monument was erected, he was rewarded by being strangled and then burned at the stake. Good job government!

Usually you can climb to the top of the tower and take in the incredible views, which stretch for miles. However, usually we’re not suffering a global pandemic. So this means no access whilst social distancing rules are in place. I know it’s all for the best and all that but I’m going to say it, what a shame we couldn’t go up!

Happy pupper

Tower view or no tower view, it was a fantastic view either way. We are so lucky to have such a vibrant, green countryside to enjoy.

We visited the monument with my good friend Lucy, who I used to work with on the farm. It was my first time seeing her since leaving, so it was great to catch up and spend time together not working! She brought her gorgeous husky, Olly along too. He had a great time and was a magnet for children. Probably because he looks like a big, fluffy Teddy and is as friendly as one.

As you can see, I missed her a lot!
Note to self: Don’t stand downhill when you’re the short friend, oops!

After a beautiful walk it was time for coffee… Well… actually it’s always time for coffee with us, so we ventured down to the village shop. On our way we passed this adorable church, which had its railings adorned with yellow ribbons. Each ribbon symbolises a prayer and support for anyone who has suffered a bereavment in the past year. This is the type of support that we all need to be showing to one another, especially as things are slowly going back.

Me after I eat anything dairy 🙄
Handmade outside the village shop

Remember, support one another and be patient – We will get back to normal!

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