Sally Lunn’s House, Bath


This past week has been better. I am still down in the dumps about little Meggy, but I’ve been out more and my bike is almost all fixed so that’s helping. So far I have replaced the CDI, rectifier, battery, fuel hoses, fuel switch valve, repaired the dodgey wiring in the front and pretty much replaced every bulb. You see, when the rectifier over charged the battery, it blew up the CDI and in doing so, every bulb in the bike. The bike has always leaked a little fuel so that was something I decided to fix whilst everything was stripped off. She’s also going to have an oil change, new air filter, oil filter and spark plugs. Basically she’ll be a brand spanking new bike when I’m finished with her!

Although it’s incredibly irritating to do all of this (especially after just passing my test) it’s teaching me A LOT. It’s preparing me for the eventual motorbike trip around the world (covid permitting when – but it WILL happen). So in a way, I guess it was a good thing my bike broke the way it did as its teaching and preparing me. Hang on… Did I really just look on the brightside?!

Anyways, let me tell you about my trip to the infamous Sally Lunn’s House in Bath.

Immigrating from France to Bath all the way back in 1680, Sally Lunn brought with her, her deliciously unique recipe for the perfect bun. Large in shape and with its signature fluffy texture, it’s the perfect companion for any condiment/spread.

My Muma

Mum and I were welcomed in and shown to the second floor next to the fireplace. Rather than fire it was alight with fairy lights which was very cozy, especially after being in the drizzle outside. We’re currently in the middle of Summer so we’re having a nice load of rain at the moment!

Me being me, I accidentally ordered the scones instead of the bun… Whoops. It was an easy fix though, as Mum was kind enough to cut her bun in half and swap it with one of my scones. Next time I’ll be a bit more attentive to what I point at on the menu. And yes there is definitely going to be a next time as everything was delicious!

The house is an incredible piece of history and quintessentially shows off Bath’s unique architecture. It’s thought to of been built in 1482, with the millions of visitors the house has had through the years, its really stood the test of time. After draining our teapots, we ventured down the narrow staircases and into the cellar to meet Sally herself…

Well, her mannequin anyway.

As interesting as the kitchen museum was, this was a little creepy. Especially when mum said she saw her skirt move. I didn’t see it so I’m saying it was a breeze or trick of the light.

Pump tap

Excavation of the cellar, provided findings of ceramic pots and timber dating all the way back to Roman times. In the photo above we have another creepy mannequin to demonstrate this the (the guy in orange). I’m sorry I loved my visit but they are creepy, it’s only because they look so real!

Teas, jams etc for sale

It’s amazing finding this hidden gem nestled in Bath’s cobbled streets. The buns were delicious and the house was so interesting. If you’re ever in Bath please add this one to your list!


  1. I have always loved bikes, since I was 14. I now have a few and I love them!!! BUT wiring is one of the only bits that I try not to get involved with if possible cos I have never really understood electrics. My best mate Martin is the boss of Alf England in the Midlands and they are Yamaha dealers, he LOVES everything electrical so I am sure that he can help you out if you need!!!! Best wishes Simon


  2. It’s so cool you know how to do all that mechanical stuff. I love taking things apart but don’t know all the details of fixing things and putting them back together 🙂 What a lovely trip with your Mum and interesting place. Are those other figures in the picture with the guy in orange just statues? It’s great they have kept all the historical aspects of the place and allowed it to stay as it was before.

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    1. No they’re images of how people how changed throughout the eras of the buildings life.
      I learned all of the mechanical stuff from YouTube and online blogs, it’s amazing what you can learn off the internet! ❤️

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  3. I’ve honestly never heard of Sally Lunn, nor of her famous buns, but this looks to be the perfect site to visit whilst in Bath, as it combines both food and history! Bath is on my bucket list of places to visit should I return to England someday, so I’ll keep Sally Lunn’s House in mind. 🙂

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  4. Emily,
    Adventures with parents who like adventures can be fun. Glad your mum like to travel.
    On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 12:17 AM The Blog of Travel wrote:
    > Emily posted: ” Naked. This past week has been better. I am still down in > the dumps about little Meggy, but I’ve been out more and my bike is almost > all fixed so that’s helping. So far I have replaced the CDI, rectifier, > battery, fuel hoses, fuel switch valve, repai” >

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