The Dragon Tree, Tenerife

First post of 2022!

Happy new year everyone let’s hope this is the one for lots of traveling and exploring!

This was the final part of our road trip which you can read part one here and part two here.

After a brilliant visit to Puerto de la Cruz, we hopped back on the bike and rode to Parque del Drago to see the legendary Dragon Tree.

Also known as Drago Milenario, the Dragon Tree is the oldest of its kind. It’s thought to be around 1000 years old, which means it would of survied a volcanic eruption in its life time.

Tiny little me on the left

The Dragon Tree stands at 21m (69 ft) and has a girth of 20m (66 ft). For reference to the photo above, I’m 5’2. This type of tree thrives in a warm and dry environment. Anyone who has visited Tenerife can definitely agree this is the perfect place for it.

The Dragon Tree is a natural symbol of Tenerife and was printed onto the 1000 Peseta note. Unfortunately the euro came in to replace the Peseta on 1st January 2002, which I’ve just realised is twenty years ago today!

1000 Peseta note

The name Dragon Tree actually comes from the tree’s trunk which resembles a dragon’s leg and from its thick, red resin which was said to resemble dragons blood. The Dragon Tree’s origin was told in the tale of Hercules where he was tasked with collecting three golden apples. In doing so he had to get past the 100 headed dragon and kill it. He was successful and in doing so, spilled the dragon’s blood all across the land. Where the blood dropped a Dragon Tree sprouted.

Parque del Drago is not only home to the Dragon Tree but to some really cool caves. In one is an example of an ancient typical burial of Tenerife, which was a bit of a surprise when you’re not sure what’s in there!

After a great day of exploring, Mitch and I were ready to hit the road and get back to our hotel. Tenerife has so much to see and explore and is a brilliant place for a motorbike road trip. I think we managed to cover half of what we wanted to see, so a future trip is definitely on the cards!

Dragon Tree outside of the church


  1. What a wonderful huge tree. That last photo you labeled a Dragon tree looks very different than the big one….the trunk, the branches, the vegetation at the ends of the branches. They must have various varieties. Tennerife looks like such an interesting place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

    And may this New Year bring you many adventures and travel!


  2. Fascinating post, our last overseas trip was Tenerife when we got an emergency flight home but we didn’t manage to see the dragon tree unfortunately. Happy New Year.

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