Off roading to a frozen waterfall, Bansko

My good friends Emily, Rich and their dog Pablo, have been travelling around Europe in their Toyota Hilux Surf for the past year. After watching enviously through the screen of my phone, I finally got to sit in the front seat and experience it for myself.

After a week of skiing my aching legs were grateful to have a break and do some exploring sat down. I was also glad to have a girls day (Pablo included) after a week with six boys.

For our girls day we did some off roading to the St Nikola waterfall and an afternoon soaking in the hot springs.

This was my first time off roading and I had so much fun! We got stuck a couple of times but with a gear change, knocking it into 4 wheel drive and a click of a button (I have no idea what it did but it worked) we were away again. The landscape was so white and clean, it felt like there was no one around for miles.

Pablo didn’t want to wear his lead
Cold paws

We parked up as close as we could get to the waterfall and walked the rest of the way. The snow was almost 2ft deep in some areas. Guess who was wearing turn up jeans? When I got back to the car I had to unroll them and shake the snow out. Whoops.

The water was freezing! How do I know? Because I fell in of course. Navigating across icy rocks to get to the other side is not a strong point for me. Luckily I didn’t fall in the water completely, just my hands… Didn’t make it any less embarrassing though ha ha.

Cows watching

After a chilly walk we went into the town for some lunch. Around Bansko I kept seeing this red and white decoration. This is for Grandma Marta day or Baba Marta. This is on the 1st March and those who celebrate will wear a red and white wrist band or tassle until they see their first swallow or stork. This symbolises the coming of spring, warmer weather and well being. Once the swallow or stork is seen, the person wearing the decoration will take it off and hang it on the nearest blooming tree.

My bracelets, I love this tradition!

To finish our day out we went to the natural hot springs for a soak and a Bulgarian beer or two, bliss!


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