Upfest Bristol 2022

Finally after a two year break, Upfest has returned to Bristol!

With over 300 artists painting live over the weekend, this event is unlike any other and is Europe’s biggest graffiti festival.

I came here with my sister and we had a great time walking around Bristol, and seeing all of the different art. I couldn’t upload every photo I took so these are some of my favourite pieces.

Bristol is infamous for its graffiti art and is heavily rumoured to be the home of the elusive Banksy. Our city is full of his art, my favourite being Woman With the Pearl Earring by the Children’s Hospital.

Upfest began in 2008 and was originally planned to be a group of 20 artists displaying their painting skills for a day in Bristol. However once the word was out, this quickly grew to 50 artists has been growing ever since.

The Tabacco factory has always been the venue for Upfest and also holds some fantastic food and drink stalls. It’s a perfect place to refuel and begin your walk around the amazing Upfest art.

Me thinking I’m hilarious
Artist in action
Yes, they really are.
Previous art taken from tagged posts on Instagram
My favourite painting


  1. Amazing work. How long do the paintings stay up? Those full wall paintings especially must take a long time to paint. Several cities I’ve stayed in have lots of murals that stay up year round. San Diego had artwork all over from murals, to electrical boxes, mosaics, sculptures etc.


  2. Well done! I love big, public art of this scale and quality. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much from just one location. And they get painted over every year??? Either Bristol has an insane rate of artistic ability or an unusual number of building owners providing “canvas” space. Or both.
    You lucky, happy bastards! I’m jealous.

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    1. They get painted over every year for the new festival, which is a shame but I guess art is ever evolving. It’s a really beautiful place and I’m lucky to call it my home town ❤️
      If your house is fortunate enough to be a canvas, it will probably put the value of it up. There was a house on Vale street which had a Banksy a few years ago, the owners sold the wall with the art for I would guess much, much more than the house cost them.

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