Bay City rib festival, touring the thumb and going through Hell, Michigan

This is the second part of the Michigan trip, part one you can read here.

After a very busy day of exploring Michigan, we decided to head down town in the search of dinner and see the river. Lucky for us, the Rib Festival was on so we got to do both of those things and much more!

As you can see, I am getting so much use out of my crocs and my feet have never been more comfortable… Though I’m not sure the brown calf approves.

An extremely rare photo of the two of us

I had the barbecue pulled chicken with peach beans and coleslaw, even writing this now I wish I could eat it again. We hung around for a while watching the live music and checking out the stalls, but after such a long day we were exhausted, so headed back for an early night.

The next day we toured a long the thumb of Michigan. Whenever we stopped for a walk and were always met with amazing scenic views and gorgeous blue water. If only we had remembered our swimming costumes!

My street
Caseville Marina

Port Austin was definitely my favourite stop… Although that may or may not of been due to the incredible ice cream shop we found there that served dairy free. When I asked for two scoops I was expecting two scoops. Instead I was presented with a litre of ice cream crammed into a cone and could not of been more pleased. We sat outside with our ice creams watching car after car, pull over after spying our gigantic cones.


I devoured every last crumb and yes I did feel a bit sick ha ha!

On our last day we headed back to Canada via Hell.

I’ve always thought Hell would be the most horrible place you could imagine but honestly, Hell was a lovely place.

Crescent lake

We then stopped at the Michigan War Dog Memorial Park which you can read about here.

Finally we travelled through Ann Arbour for some lunch and a wander around, where I found and purchased this really cute T-shirt.

Notice anything odd about it?

Anything at all?

Not the extra long leg and extra hoof sticking out of the other leg? This made me laugh so much when I realised (about a week later) and now I love the shirt even more.

Ann Arbour street
Ann Arbour arcade

Something I found very amusing being in Michigan, is what a novelty our accents are to the locals. We stopped in a McDonald’s drive through and after a few times of getting Mitch to repeat the order, the guy on the speaker giggled and said “no offence… But are you like from the UK or something?!” we laughed and he told us he hoped we were enjoying our time and to enjoy the rest of our stay, which honestly made our day.

Already we are looking forward to our next trip to Michigan, where we’ll be visiting the infamous Raven Cafรฉ and the Anatomy museum (getting into the spooky season), so keep an eye out for it!

No I didn’t buy these… Even if they were tempting


  1. Besides the beautiful images, I was reminded of how much my kinfolk love ice cream. I make an annual pilgrimage to my hometown of Holland (MI) where we never fail to visit one of the ice cream shops. They also excel at baked goods. There’s nothing more memorable than fresh rhubarb pie with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream. I love all of your posts, but this one struck home!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh, the fun with words you could have living in a place like Hell. We’ve been to Climax, Michigan, but never hell. We had fun with that one, too.
    That t-shirt is probably a collector’s item worth $1M now – well done!

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  3. Emily,

    Hey you went through Hell and back. Hope you had some great memories. My wife would die with that ice cream. Fun dialect issues. Akways a challenge.

    Thanks, Gary


  4. Beautiful photos. You have captured the brighter side of this city. I traveled to this city 3 decades ago. I visited mostly industrial and factory zones and it was depressing then. Glad to see some bright colorful images of this city.


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