Walking Alpacas at Stoneleigh Alpaca Farm, ON

Before the recent cold snap, we have had some really beautiful weather here in Ontario. Paired with the gorgeous colours of autumn, it has been the perfect time for a nice, long walk and to enjoy the outdoors.

So what better place to go, than Stoneleigh Farm to walk some adorable alpacas?

Say cheese!

I came here with two of my friends from work (I love my job) (sorry running joke that’s getting old but I do really love my job!) I have wanted to do an alpaca walk for a while and Stoneleigh Alpaca Farm did not disappoint.

We had a brilliant guide called Emily (great name) who made our day so much fun. We started off by being introduced to the male alpacas and helping Emily whilst she attached their leads. After a quick briefing and warned not to let them eat the pine needles as it makes them sneeze, we were each handed the lead of the alpaca we would be walking and sent on our way.

I was given Piggly Wiggly and he was a dream to walk. Because of my work, I’m used to attaching a dogs lead and then having my arm almost pulled out of its socket. I wasn’t sure what to expect when walking an alpaca but he was so gentle and well behaved on a lead, that I actually preferred walking him to a lot of the dogs I know. Although, he did have to suddenly stop to pick up a mouthful of grass every now and then.

(Left) me with Piggly Wiggly, Alexis with Hugo and Ashley with Bolt

As you can see from the photos, Piggly Wiggly was by far the best behaved, he even appears to be smiling… Bolt being the baby of the group, still has some room for improvement.

After a nice walk around the farm and having a some great conversations with Emily (whom I’m now friends with and plan to see very soon!) We headed back and gave the boys some treats. Apart from pushing each other out of the way and trying to shove their mouths into the cups, they had great table manners.

We then headed over to see the females who were more shy. When feeding, we had to extend our hands out and turn away whilst they ate. I get it, I don’t like being watched when I eat either. All of the ladies are currently pregnant so in 11 – 12 months there will be some new faces appearing on the farm.

Thanks Stoneleigh Farm for a wonderful day. If you’re interested in arranging an Alpaca trip for yourself, you can check out their website here.

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. This is awesome! I love Alpacas so much, they are the sweetest. If you’re ever looking on Martha’s Vineyard, check out Island Alpaca, they do alpaca walks there and alpaca yoga!

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