Bronner’s CHRISTmas store aka the world’s largest Christmas store, Michigan

Merry Christmas eve, eve everyone! It is currently snowing heavily here in Ontario, so it looks like we’re in for a very white Christmas this year.

With it looking so festive, what better time to post about my trip to Bronner’s CHRISTmas Store?

Bronner’s CHRISTmas store can be found in Frankenmuth, Michigan and is the largest Christmas store in the world. It was founded by Wally Bronner in 1945 and attracts over two million visitors annually.

I’ve actually visited here twice, the first being in July and the second late November. I thought I would enjoy it more closer to Christmas as I am feeling a bit homesick but honestly, I recommend visiting in the summer. I felt more like the grinch when I left because it was so busy!

The building itself spans over 320,000 Square feet and holds over 6000 different ornaments. Every year Bronner’s ornament artists personalise 400,000 ornaments annually. This year one of Bronner’s artists has been estimated to of hand painted over half a million ornaments during her 25 year career.

Honey bee tree

Along with those ornaments there are also more than 350 decorated trees around the store. The honey bee tree was my favourite, I don’t care if its tacky!

Christmas cactus

You’re probably looking at these pictures and thinking that’s a lot of electricity right? You’d be correct. Bronner’s electricity bill averages $1250 per day, which is almost 7 times the average monthly cost of a household in Michigan.

This store is a shoppers dream, especially for those who love everything and anything Christmasy. From the tacky to the refined, there is a decoration for just about everyone.

The store’s busiest period is the weekend after thanksgiving which typically attracts over 50,000 visitors. We came here the weekend after this and it was so busy I couldn’t be bothered to buy anything (see what I mean by feeling like the grinch?)

I wanted to buy every single dog, one day I’ll have my dog tree…
Summer time at Bronner’s

Our Christmas is looking very quiet this year. We had originally planned to go for a nice wintery walk but with the storm becoming increasingly worse, its looking like we’ll be hiding indoors, drinking lots of tea and watching films.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas and as always, thank you for reading!


  1. My dad’s wife was from Germany and LOVED Frankenmuth. She must have visited (they lived in Holland) at least four times a year. After she died, my dad would drive there just for breakfast, a two and a half hour drive.
    Speaking of Holland, I would enjoy your take on my home town. (Maybe you have already visited and I missed the post) Holland boasts a windmill that was imported piece by piece from the Netherlands and acres of tulips that are worth seeing when in bloom (May, if memory serves).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have only been to Amsterdam but would love to see more. My plan is to ride my motorbike around the world so I’ll definitely be making a few stops! 😊 Thanks for reading!


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