A wander around Detroit, Michigan and a life update

Change is a great thing. Although it’s not always welcome, it’s life’s way of teaching resilience and showing that you can adapt and overcome anything you put your mind to. The only consistent thing you can rely on in life is change, even if you don’t plan for it.

Our big change is that we have relocated to Lakeside ON. Mitch had a fantastic job opportunity which also came with accommodation for next to nothing for rent. With the crazy costs of living right now, it was something we just couldn’t turn down. It also has a huge garage so there’s plenty of space for a couple of bikes to tinker with.

My new job is in a dog day care close by and I also work with Mitch on the farm so as you can guess, my hands are full and usually pretty dirty.

Making some new friends at work! (Hazel)

Although I’m really, really missing the cats we were looking after, my friends and my old job, I’m starting to enjoy my new surroundings and appreciate the change in my life.

There are some much bigger plans in the works which I’m not going to go into right now (they’re always subject to change) so all I’ll say is watch this space!

Mittens ❤️
Minks ❤️
Merle ❤️

Anyways, with that update out of the way, I’ll finally tell you about the rest of our day trip to Detroit.

The city of Detroit is easily one of the most famous cities in the world. With big names such as Eminem, Diana Ross (RIP), Lily Tomlin, Jack White, J. K Simmons and many, many more calling this city their home, it’s no wonder Detroit has such stardom.

Of course its not just the people that make Detroit famous, its what they create. Walking through the city you are towered over by truly impressive architecture. In my personal opinion, I think the most impressive is the Guardian Building.

Arguably one of the most quintessential skyscrapers of Detroit, the Guardian Building started its construction in 1928 and was completed in 1929. It is a Class A office building and has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service, which is the highest honour of its kind.

It represents the people of the past who believed in the success of Detroit and celebrated its many cultures. Its unusual art-deco design is followed through from the brickwork to the interior, making this one of the boldest architectures of its type in the world.

Of course being a tourist I had to get a photo with the Spirit of Detroit.

This bronze statue was originally cast in Oslo, Norway and was created by Marshall Fredericks. In the left hand is a sphere which represents God and in the right are figures which represent all human relationships.

The Spirit of Detroit was erected in 1958 and has been known to wear jerseys in support of the local sports teams!

You can catch glimpses of some really impressive art on the streets of Detroit. I snapped this whilst we were driving so unfortunately I have no idea where this was!

Finally we visited the Book Tower and of course the Starbucks opposite. With so much walking and it being so cold we were desperate for a couple of mochas!

Construction began on the Book Tower in 1916 and was completed in 1926. A beautiful renaissance design with incredible carvings, this tower is another staple of Detroit.

It’s amazing what you see if you just look up! Carvings like these would of had so much time and care going into to them, it’s truly mind blowing.

After we headed over to the John K King bookstore and then to Eminem’s restaurant, Mom’s Spaghetti for some (yep you’ve guessed it) Spaghetti which you can read all about both here.

This weekend we are hoping to take a trip to Toronto so posts will be back to normal (typing this with my fingers crossed so as not to jinx it of course).

Thanks for bearing with me in my long delay and as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Okkk The Guardian Building is incredible!
    I’ve been looking forward to an updated post!! So happy you’re still able to work with dogs. They’re damn lucky to have you 💖 Enjoy visiting Toronto again


  2. Who would have guessed that Detroit would have such amazing sites and sights! Now you have me wanting to see more of Michigan, my home state.


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