An afternoon wandering around Kensington Market, Toronto

A few weeks ago, Ontarians were treated with a whole week of glorious sunshine after a brutal winter. With some days reaching highs of 30 degrees, this was a welcome change to the blizzards, freezing rain and overall cold misery that has claimed the past few months.

Something to add to the long list of things I’m learning about Canada, is that this weather was not to stay. This was actually a “teaser summer” and would only be around for a week before the rain and chilly temperatures returned.

The only thing you can do (apart from complain) is make the most of the glorious weather when you have it. Which is exactly what we did by spending the day wandering around Kensington Market in the sunshine.

When we arrived in Toronto, as usual we had food on our minds. So as usual, we went to our favourite spot, Mother’s Dumplings for as usual (yup, you’ve guessed it), dumplings.

I know I should find other spots and try new foods but when the dumplings are calling your name, its easier to say “next time!”

When seated at Mother’s Dumplings you are given a pot of green tea and you can watch your dumplings being made which really gets your appetite going!

After eating perhaps too many dumplings, we headed pot bellies first, to Kensington Market.

Already a vibrant area, this place comes alive in the sunshine. There’s so much to see here, from the quirky markets that spill onto the pavements, to the colourful street art, it’s perfect for an afternoon stroll.

I saw so much I wanted to buy however, when travelling and living out of a bag, it’s important not to fill that bag with things you don’t really need. Especially things like dog plates that you wouldn’t use because they’re so pretty and would probably break immediately after putting them in said bag…

I may of left the plates but I did buy this delicious ice cream!

Mango and passionfruit sorbet which was incredible – Writing this I’m now craving another! You see this is the down side of taking photos of your food that no one warns you about, when showing off that food you just want to reach through the screen and eat it again!

After a long afternoon of walking and a bloated stomach, we made our way back to the car to go home…

Little did we know the Blue Jay’s were playing, so what would usually take 2 hours actually took us 4 and a half. So another lesson learned, always check if there are any big games on when travelling in Toronto!

For anyone wondering about Kitsy and her kitten, they are both doing really well. The kitten is now out and about but still sticking close to her mum. She’s very shy but I’m hoping she’ll get braver around me like her muma did!

As always thanks for reading!


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