My first blog – An introduction 

Hello! My name is Emily and this year I made a birthday resolution to create a blog for my travels. I have been many places these past two years and made a bit of an error writing them all into a diary. Although it’s great I have kept a record, no one is able to read any of it! I decided this time around I will be more technical.

So far I have traveled around Thailand, Australia and Bali. I have just returned to Bali after visiting home before I return to work in far North Queensland. Once we have saved up enough, my partner and I will be buying a motorbike and riding to Darwin a long the top coast of Australia. In total that will be 60 hours on a bike but it will be an amazing experience. We have already traveled along the coast from Denham WA, through South Australia then up to Cairns QLD so it will be great to finish off the entire coastal roads of Australia. After this we plan to go to Tasmania, New Zealand, see more of South East Asia, America, Europe and one day we hope to compete in the Mongolian Rally.

As you can tell, I am making the most of my travels before I really have to start adulting!


  1. Hi Emily! My name is Ann-Claire and I just started a new blog this past Friday! I loved reading your latest adventure to the brothel and super pit. Can’t wait to read more 🙂 Also, greetings from Texas haha

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  2. Hey Emily! Great to hear that you started a blog which is what I also decided to do just… yesterday ;)) and even more excited that you’ve been to Thailand! I lived in the beautiful county for twenty years, and I am looking forward to your posts covering not only Thailand but all your future travels as well! Best wishes 🙂

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      1. Great to hear! Any questions or comments are welcome! Are you visiting only Bangkok or the north or south? I lived in Bangkok, and have only been to all the islands in the south and only to Chiang Mai in the north, but I would definitely be willing to offer any help! I hear that Pai is a great place. 🙂
        If you’re going at the end of the year, then weather-wise, definitely the north (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Pai). 😊


        1. Thank you! I cheated last time and went with a tour group so I did a trip around all the islands, the north and the south. Didn’t spend as long there as I wanted to though! Pai is really laid back and absolutely beautiful so I definitely plan to go back. There was a terrific little cafe there I am hoping is still going as they did the best carrot cake in the world ha ha 🙂

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        2. Haha I don’t think you need to consider yourself as having ‘cheated’! I find tours are also great too 🙂
          I’m jealous you’ve been to Pai! Definitely making a visit sometime soon. And hopefully for some delish carrot cake as well 🙂
          Hope you have great travels!

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  3. Glad you’re sharing your adventures!
    Looks pretty awesome what you’ve posted so far.
    I’ve been to Australia but only for a couple weeks. Bali has always been on my wish list!


  4. Good for you! A real, life experience education. What an exciting time for you. Enjoy every moment. I enjoyed reading some of your posts. I loved that hut you found on Airbnb. What an awesome find! Happy Travels. You should add Vancouver Island, Canada to your list. It is an amazing place. 🙂


  5. Hey, Emily! Soo sorry that I’m so late here! I just wanted to say you have an amazing blog and that I also love travelling! Once in 2 years, my family goes somewhere out of country. So far, we have been to U.S.A, U.K, Sri Lanka, France, Portugal and Bahamas! I also have a blog, please feel free to stop by sometime!

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