Bali birthday! 

I had a fantastic day today. As it’s rainy season I really didn’t expect a lot but I can honestly say this is the best birthday I’ve had… EVER.

So the day began with this, (note the take away coffee cup on the left). As I’m still pretty jet lagged all I wanted to do was zombie out. I did this successfully until my bf decided enough was enough and brought me coffee. This definitely worked. Although I did manage to spill a good mouthful over myself before the caffeine kicked in.

We then went out for a delicious breakfast at Legian 27 cafe. If you ever find yourself in the Legian area, this is one of my favourite spots. Quiet and calm away from the crazy street but close enough to people watch – perfect. The deserts aren’t that great but their breakfast and mains are brilliant, especially if you’re on a budget.

We then spent the rest of the day at Uluwatu beach. We got in the water for a while but it started to get a bit gross with all the litter. The rainy season doesn’t just bring rain, it also brings rubbish. A lot of rubbish.

After this we had a lovely meal at the Crumb and Coaster in Kuta. My favourite dinner dish over here is definitely satay chicken in peanut sauce. It is wonderful. I actually eat the left over sauce with a spoon it’s that good. This dish does not disappoint!

Once I had some cake, Mitch asked me what I fancied doing for the rest of the night. I decided we had to go to the supermarket and buy dog food to feed the street dogs. It cost £0.50 and it is the best activity I have ever done for my birthday. I loved it so much I am doing it again tomorrow and feeding the cats too!

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