Our night in a hut, a hidden gem on Air BnB

We havn’t been to the west side of Bali and although everyone says there’s not much there we thought we’d check it out anyway.

We booked an air bnb on the beach front called Matahari surfers shack. From the photos it didn’t look like much so we didn’t mind paying £5 each for it. No wifi, no hot water and no air con but what an incredible place it turned out to be. 

We were right in the middle of the rice fields and just two minutes from the black sand beach with a lovely restaurant.

(Our little hut is on the very right of this photo)

We may not have had windows but we had our own moat.

We did get eaten alive as there were holes for windows and bugs every where. Although it was a really beautiful place, I think one night was enough. I marinated myself in bug spray and tucked the mosquito net in but the bugs were extremely determined. I woke up this very morning itchy.

Air BnB is the best for finding hidden gems like this one. If anyone is thinking about booking an Air BnB use my discount code here 😁 


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