Renting a custom bike in Bali, Indonesia

After riding around on scooters for a few days we began to notice more and more tourists on custom bikes. There is no way that they owned these bikes so we did a little searching around.

Renting a custom bike can cost you 150,0000 – 300,0000 depending on what you’re looking for and where you go. We got very lucky and got our bike for 150,0000 per day because we made a deal by renting longer. 

We rented a custom Honda GL150 and it did not disappoint!

We took photos of the bike before giving the money and a passport over to show any damage already done. I have heard so many horror stories of people being made to pay extortionate amounts for damage that was already there. By taking photos you avoid this and it shows the people you’re renting from you know what you’re doing. 

Make sure you also ask for the rental papers and the bikes registration documents. If youRenting a custom bike in Bali, Indonesia get pulled over without that you can wave goodbye to the bike and your passport.

We took this bike from Kuta all around the west coast, down to Mt Batur, Ubud and back. It took four days and was an amazing road trip. We took turns riding the bike. Purely based on comfort and efficiency I actually preferred riding the moped for the long journeys… It was so zippy and the seat is a lot larger. If only it looked as good as the bike!

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