Bali road trip on Honda GL150 and scooter, Kuta, Pulikan, Gilimamuk, Singjara, Mt Batur, Ubud

I’ve heard a few people say that there isn’t a lot on the west coast of Bali. I’ve not really found much online from people travelling that way either. But we thought we would check it out any way.

There are some beautiful sights to see but I must admit, it does get more quiet when you get to Pulikan. As we have already done a road trip around the east coast of Bali, we wanted to do a full lap around the island. It took four days to do it and we did it by scooter and Honda GL150.

Yes we do have matching helmets…

We set off from Kuta to the Balian Surf Camp where we booked an Air BnB for the night. The place was pretty tricky to find and the roads getting there were horrendous. There were pot holes every where and with the winding roads you had to really concentrate. The drivers also seemed to get a bit more crazy.

We travelled through the rice fields to get there and as you can see below, it was brilliant.

After a bumpy ride we made it to our hut on the beach. It was such a great find. For £5 a night we stayed in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It was so quiet and relaxed and there was a lovely restaurant on the beach just a few minutes walk away. Of course we rode the bikes down because since being in Bali we have stopped walking any where.

This little guy lived at the restaurant. I wanted to take him back with us so badly.

We woke up hot, sticky and itchy that morning. We had been a mosquito feast that night even after marinating ourselves in repellent.

Onwards we went to our next destination. We planned to just travel up the coast and see what we could find. That turned into travelling all the way north to Lovina! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the signs, we had been on the bikes for almost five hours and hadn’t even realised it.

I was so tired and hungry I pretty much inhaled my food when we stopped. We set off for the final time that day in search of a hotel. It was getting later and later and a bit dodgy on the roads so we stayed at the second place we found. In a nutshell; cigarette butts in the shower drain, dirty linen, a huge dent in the bed, strange stains on the walls and the hotel was deserted… It was like a horror movie set.

We were glad to get out of there and be on our way to Mt. Batur that morning.

The mountain road to Mt. Batur was really fun to drive. Lethal yes, but as long as you’re careful its great. Just have to make sure you stay as far to the left as possible because a truck will coming zooming own and off you go! We got caught in a bit of rain but nothing too heavy. If you read my blog post about ponchos before, you will know we were fully prepared.

This was taken before the matching trousers were put on, (you can see them strapped on the bike). I’m not sure if the internet is ready for that yet. I’m certainly not ready to look at myself fully suited anyway.

When we got to the main road facing the volcano we stopped at an-all-you-can-eat restaurant. The view was incredible and so was the food. I really enjoy Indonesian cuisine, especially the peantut satay sauce!

With full bellys we rode another hour and a half to Ubud. It was BOILING. Once settled into our Air BnB we showered and just relaxed in the air con for a while. It was heavenly after sweating my bottom off in skinny jeans.

Ubud is a really cool town and definitely one of the best spots in Bali. It has its own personality, especially around the monkey forest area. It’s the best place for the markets, cooking classes and yoga. I have never been to a yoga class but they are every where in Ubud.

After a wonderful nights sleep in a clean, cool room, it was time for us to head back to Kuta and return our custom bike. We paid for it to be cleaned before we returned it and were sad to see it go. It was a dream to ride and it looked very, very cool.

I wouldn’t recommend this road trip to every one as there was a lot of riding and not too much to see at times. However I had an amazing time and I love, love, love Bali.


  1. Thanks for the details. Will definitely consider this road-trip sometime in the future. How much distance did you cover?


  2. this seemed so fun! sometimes just seeing the countryside and getting fresh air is worth the trip-there doesn’t have to be a lot of sites! some of my friends are moving to Bali soon so this was great to read. I’m hoping to visit soon!

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