Back in Australia and new bike – double yay!

We landed a few days ago in Cairns and were very surprised to see rain. It’s still very hot but the humidity isn’t too bad for this time of year. 

On my last day in Bali, I got food poisoning from a salad (wtf) so the flight and waiting around was long and horrible. I have been pretty bad these last few days but I’m all good now. I have never had food poisoning before and really don’t want it again so I’m never eating a salad again.

We are in far North Queensland at the moment. Our job on the dairy farm unfortunately fell through and I’m absolutely gutted. We hear back from another job we went for tomorrow so fingers crossed. We had a phone interview last night and I believe it went well. I just want to find out now though, I hate this not knowing business!

On another note, WE BOUGHT A BIKE. Not something we would usually go for but at seven years old, this bike has done just 5000 kilometres and we couldn’t resist. It belonged to a lady who unfortunately injured her wrist and couldn’t ride anymore. It has been really looked after and is in beautiful condition.

This bike looks like a Harley at a glance but it’s actually a Hyosung and quarter of the price! It’s also pretty quiet for such a big looking bike AND it’s only a 250… Looks can be deceiving I guess!

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