Atherton to Meandarra by motorbike – Day 3

Since seeing the music video for Toxic, Britney had me believing that having the wind flow through my hair whilst on the back of a motorbike, would be so free and glamorous. Right now I am battling with one giant dreadlock which used to be a ponytail.

Give it up Britney.

Today was realllyyyyyy really hot. We left our motel at 9:30pm and stopped in Rockhampton for some breakfast. We have eaten at McDonald’s every day of this road trip so far and I am not sorry about it. It’s cheap and quick, exactly what we need.

Speaking of things needed, I needed to put sun screen on. Even though I was wearing jeans, yes denim jeans, the Australian sun is so powerful I got sun burned through my clothes.

The roads are a lot more quiet now we are traveling inland. It does make it a bit dull after a while because there isn’t so much to see so our motivation started to slow a bit this afternoon. I can tell we are going inland as well because there’s a certain bad smell which comes up every now and then. Dead roo. One of the worst smells ever. When I see one on the side of the road I hold my breath for a while it smells that bad. We ended up stopping a few more times than we did yesterday just to break the journey up a bit. We did aim to get to Miles but instead arrived in Taroom. We are staying in a beautiful cabin which is perfect for us.

It’s like being on Tiny Houses. I love it and could easily live here long term.

Tomorrow we will be arriving in Meandarra to our new home and job for the remainder of our visas. I’m a bit nervous but excited. We will stay with the current workers for the week then we’re on our own – eeeek.

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