Atherton to Meandarra by motorbike – Day 4


Our road trip is complete! It is such an accomplishment and I am so happy. When you’re on the road you’re so focused on your next destination you sometimes forget to enjoy it. It really was a great ride and brilliant to see the less touristy side of Australia. 

Our new driveway. 

Something a lot of people don’t release when they travel Australia is that yes there is a lot to see but there is also a lot of vast nothingness in between. I certainly didn’t realise until I came here. 

Our new home and job is incredible. I am waiting for the catch but it really is amazing. The people who are going our hand over are really nice and the place is beautiful. 

This is Rosie who lives on the farm and apparently loves being on bikes.
I love it here and will do another entry about my job, watch this space! 

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