Two days in colourful Melbourne 

Even from a distance, I knew I was going to like this city. 

We arrived on a sunny afternoon and once booked into our hostel, we went for a stroll a long the river. I had made up a bit of a must-see list for this city and was keen to see as much as we could. So for a better view, we travelled 88 floors to the top of the Eureka tower.

What a view! We were lucky because we got to see a helicopter at the same level as us in the sky which was really cool.

It was pretty busy inside but that is expected being such a popular tourist attraction. 

Once we were back with land of the living, we continued our walk up to the famous Hosier Lane. It reminded me a lot of my hometown, Bristol with the quirky graffiti art. The paintings were so colourful and really well done. 

This last one was definitely my favourite. Whoever painted this one is very talented!

Cathedrals have always fascinated me so I was very intrigued to check out the St. Paul’s cathedral just a short walk away from Hosier Lane. The architecture was stunning and the stained glass windows were beautiful. There was a service on when we arrived so we didn’t go into the church completely out of respect, I would of loved to of had a nose around further though! 

Our stroll continued around city and ended at McDonalds, our guilty pleasure!

The next morning we were headed for the markets which was a bit of a walk. I am so thankful for Google Maps, always on aid of us when our sense of direction fails us (which is more often than I would like to admit!)

To be completely honest, I was quite disappointed with what the market had to offer. For food, it was quite good but as for general merchandise it was quite poop. I was hoping to find a great little souvenir of some kind but there wasn’t much there.

We then set off for Luna Park and typical for our luck, it was shut. Whoops. We craned our necks to have a look in and it looks like great fun inside. A real vintage/retro look about it.

Our last stop was St. Kilda’s beach. The weather was lovely and the beach itself was lovely as well! Definitely made up for the park being shut!

I loved Melbourne and I can see why people stay here for so long. Its a really cool, vibrant city but for us two days was enough as the road was calling. 

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  1. We were in Melbourne a couple of months ago, loved the food there (Maccy Ds is always a good choice obviously!). We went to St Kildas as well, did you catch the penguins coming in from the pier? Very cute!


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