Australia’s oldest working brothel and a superpit, it could only be Kalgoorlie

Whilst working on a sheep farm in Muntadgin, we had heard the name Kalgoorlie mentioned a few times. So I turned to google and on our next day off, off we went! 

One of the oldest mining towns in Australia, and that’s not all its well known for. It is also famous for its brothel. Yup, I said brothel. It’s the oldest one in Australia and still employs and works today. They run daily tours everyday so we thought, why not? The place isn’t huge but just to experience it with a group made it worth doing. 

We began in the reception area where we had a talk about the history of the town and how the brothel started out. They keep it legal by running ‘business’ on private property. The girls can stand in the doorways and speak to customers but as soon as they put a toe on the pavement, they are breaking the law as they are on public land. This agreement was settled years ago to keep the ladies off the streets. It’s a safer way to do it but just seemed odd it was all so obvious yet completely legal. They also handed around some toys and explained them which was absolutely hilarious. We joined the group with a tour group of over 60’s who didn’t find it as amusing, so our childish side did creep out at times. 

Apologies for the blurry image, I took it secretly and didn’t check it. This is the bondage room. Each item has its own price should a customer wish to include them into their package (he he). After being in Amsterdam, it did all seem rather tame but it was a great tour.

After the brothel we went and had some lunch, we let our brains recover and let out every childish giggle we had stifled that day. 

Our next stop in Kalgoorlie was the Superpit. 


It was gigantic. With a great view, we got to see inside the super pit and watch all of the lorries carrying the derbis to the top. Sounds a little dull when I write it now but it was an awesome sight. 

I have a lot of respect for people who work in the mines. It’s a tough and dangerous job. Even watching the lorries drive to the top I felt a bit nervous of that edge.

Super pit and a super digger.

We were going to stay the night here but as we had done the main attractions, our own beds were calling us back home. We did however do a final drive by of the brothel after six and we saw one of girls in the doorway. Even though this was no surprise, for some reason it was really exciting.


  1. I just read Paul Theroux´ “Riding the Iron Rooster” a few weeks ago… he travels around China on trains in 1986. He starts off his trip on a tour, which includes an Australian woman who keeps calculating the distances mindboggling – the Transsiberian, Beijing to Guanzhou, etc – according to how far it is from her house to Kalgoorlie. HA!! – Anyway, turning a giant open-cast mine into a tourist attraction strikes me as a special sort of gutsy.


  2. Fascinating pit, but I find it really sad that men “pay for women” and equally sad that women find this way to earn a living.

    It may be the oldest trade in the world, but it’s still tragic nonetheless.


  3. Oh my gosh, a tour of a brothel! That is hilarious, I’m not sure I could have held the laughter in. I will definitely have to put that as well as the mine on my must sees in Australia. Good post!


  4. Interesting! There’s a pit near-by Tombstone AZ – in Bisbee. No longer being worked, but I wonder how it compares. I can’t wait til we make our trip to Australia – we’ll put this on our to-do!

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