Adelaide and lots of wine

One of the best people we have met on our travels is Buddy. Extremely funny, interesting and kind, he happily took us on a tour of his hometown Adelaide. It was brilliant.

I think it’s really great when people are proud of where they came from and can tell you all about their city, just because they are genuinely proud and interested. That’s exactly how Buddy is so it was a really great experience going out with him and very fortunate for us to meet him. 

Brilliant view of Adelaide with the hills in the background.Taken from our friends apartment.

He picked us up from our friend, Grace’s and took us to the bakery his sister worked at. We had delicious blueberry scrolls and coffee, she also gave us a free loaf of sour dough which I drunkenly picked at throughout the day, spreading crumbs everywhere (I’m cringing at myself now).

With food for fuel, we headed to our first stop on the tour, the pebbled Silver Sands beach. It was gorgeous and deserted, perfect! It is hidden in a housing complex and full of pebbles.
After a game of make shift bowls, we left for our first winery. 

McLaren Valley has a beautiful cellar winery with great reception. I’m probably not a great person to take wine tasting as I only drink red, but I loved learning about the process and drinking the produce!
Our second stop was Paxton wines where we tried some very nice rosé. Our third was Golding Wines which was very picturesque and offered delicious olives. I ended up eating the whole packet to myself as no one else likes them, not a complaint in the slightest. 

We planned the plaid… 

Finally we stopped for some lunch at the Chateau Yaladra 1847. The food and service was outstanding, a real taste of luxury. We were lucky enough to try a 40 year old vintage port which is making my mouth water now even thinking about it. We purchased a 7 year old port which wasn’t as nice but definitely not as expensive and more in our budget! 

After lunch we pretty much crashed at Grace’s apartment drinking wine, eating takeaway, bread and chocolate and that’s about all I remember! 

The hangover was very real in the morning.



  1. Hi Emily great blog I’m really enjoying your adventures,missing you lots but wishing you love and safety love Diane xxxxxx


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