A camping trip to Wirraburra forest with a hitch hiker

All packed after spending a night in Coober Pedy, we made a stop at IGA supermarket for some snacks for the road. As we were currently jobless, we stopped by the notice board. Other than a few cars for sale we had no luck but one post in particular caught our eye.

I’ve always been a bit skeptical about hitch hikers but this one was an exception. We spoke to Monica and Dawn who run SA animal rescue and arranged to pick up Georgia the next morning. We were both so excited and not really sure what to expect. We knew she was a puppy but that was it! So back we went to our hostel and booked another night. 

I fell in love with Georgia right away. She was so nervous and afraid. I just wanted to cuddle her and tell her it was okay, fortunately I got to do exactly that for the next three days. We could of easily done the trip in two days but it was just to hard to part with this perfect pooch. 

SA dog rescue transport dogs from Coober Pedy to Adelaide to give them a better chance of being fostered/adopted. Georgia had come from a bad place and needed facial surgery to correct her jaw and teeth before she went up for adoption. 

Our first destination was Port Augusta. After being in the harsh Australian outback for so long it was refreshing to finally see the coastal road. It is a really beautiful area as well. 

Georgia taking in the scenery. 

We camped overnight at a campsite in the town. We had agreed to keep Georgia in her cage over night as she wouldn’t be used to us but she didn’t even step a paw in there. She stayed in with us and it was lovely – apart from when she woke me up at 2am by dropping a bungee cord on my face.

We wanted to continue camping with Georgia so set our sat-nav to Wirraburra forest. This area of South Australia is very pretty. It’s really not what I expected Australia to be like at all. The forest is like something from a fairy tale. 

We were a bit worried about Georgia’s bladder so we stopped in a lovely winery and had a Devonshire tea. The local primary school had made the jams which I thought was really nice, they were really tasty as well. After the tea, we took Georgia for a stroll around the wine yards and fell more and more in love with her. 

We arrived mid-afternoon and set up camp in Wirraburra forest. There were only two other campers so it was very peaceful. We took Georgia on another stroll then got the bonfire going. 

There’s something really magical and comforting about being layered up and huddled around a fire, especially with tea and chocolate to hand. 
The next day was the day I had been dreading the whole trip. The day we gave Georgia to her foster home. I didn’t think I would get that upset as it had only been three days but I was inconsolable. It was my first time meeting Monica and I cried the whole time. It’s weird to think this lady has never seen me not crying. I was a complete mess. 

I really fell in love with this little dog and I am so happy she now has her forever home. SA dog rescue are an incredible organization and I am so glad we could take part. I just wish we could pass through again so we could help transport more animals!

Please check out their website here and please please help them out a bit making a donation 🙂


  1. Hey there! Thanks for liking my post on taking a gap year:) What a lovely hitchhiker:D I was wondering if you have any places that you would recommend to visit in Australia. I’ve never been but am planning to go soon, and it seems like there’s so many things to do, I don’t know where to start. Looking forward to your posts! Cheers!


  2. Great hitch-hiking story c/w nice pix. You must feel sad not to own a dog b/c of your travels. Anna, one of our daughters was/is a doggie lover. When she was young she would go looking for lost/escaped dogs in the neighbourhood and return them to them their owners. Then she fell in love with horses and eventually became the barn manager for Timberline Ranch in Maple Ridge, British Columbia – which was great for her sweet dog “Bear” whom she rescued as a shivering puppy abandoned on a road in Northern Saskatchewan. Btw – Our other daughter is named Emily – she and her hubby have an annoying Boston Terrier who jumps all over visitors and is quite competent at farting. Lol! We had a crazy Corgie-Terrier named Spike – finally had to have him put to sleep age 16. We had cats, too, which I much prefer to dogs. Anyhow. There ya go. Happy travels to you.

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