Byron Bay and coffee

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, Byron Bay did not dissapoint. We spent the night in a small campsite in our wonderful car and pretty much melted in the spring heat.

We started the morning the proper way with a stop at a bakery for coffee and pastries. The food was really good and The Byron Bay Hot Bread Kitchen even gave us a sweet little biscuit on the coffee cups – lovely! 

We decided to have our breakfast at the famous lighthouse. At the bottom of the road we saw a lot of beach babes and fitness fanatics power walking/running to the top… We felt a little guilty as we drove past clutching our baked goods but this feeling quickly passed upon the first bite. 

The view from the top was spectacular. It was so blue and beautiful. Seeing the sea from this point and being as hot as we were, I was desperate to get in for a swim. Of course being in Australia there’s more than a few things that can kill/seriously harm you so the swim was within the safety nets!

I really love this area. I have heard people say its very chilled out in Byron and it definitely is. I’m hoping that we get to return to Byron Bay but with only five months left on my visa I’m not sure if we’ll make it in time! 


  1. Thanks for checking out Indifferent Ignorance!

    Byron Bay looks beautiful, I was so jealous of friends I met in Asia who were planning to hop over to Australia during their trip. I’m not sure which place to save up for next but I think it might have to be Australia and New Zealand. πŸ™‚


  2. Byron is such a magical little town. It’s the place to go if you need to recharge and nothing does that better than sand between your toes, clear blue water and the infectious “chilled” atmosphere. I want to go back too!


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