The Flinton Easter races – a day out on the Hyosung

We have worked just over seven weeks straight now. No days off, no late starts nothing. It’s starting to make us a little stir crazy and irritable. Yesterday we were invited to the Flinton races which is 90km from the feed lot. We didn’t really want to at first, but I am so glad we did. Just going somewhere where there’s no cows for a bit was a breath of fresh air… Figuratively and literally speaking that is.

Our beloved Mrs Hyosung was delighted to get out for a ride. We have been running her every week but it’s always better to actually give the bike a good ride. The roads weren’t that bad getting there… just this section… 

On the tail end of Cyclone Debbie, Meandarra and the surrounding area received over a year’s rainfall in two days. Coming from England I thought I had seen my fair share of rain but this was something else. 
We parked up and very quickly realised we were the only people on bike. There were white utes and trailers everywhere. As I attempted to claw through the tangled mess which my hair had become, I felt extremely undersresssed. Heels, push up bras, make up, hair extensions, fake tan and head pieces defying the laws of balance – we were definitely at the races.

We stuck out like a sore thumb here and were the only people who weren’t Australian.

The most exciting part was seeing the winner named for the best head piece. This lady definitely deserved to win. Just for the patience of wearing the head piece alone. 

By three o’clock we were probably the only sober people there so after some food and hilarious people watching, we called it a day.


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