The Pinnacle Desert and camping on the coast of WA

I have a confession, I had absolutely no idea about the Pinnacle Desert until I consulted google on the ‘must sees’ of Western Australia. I can’t believe I had never heard of it before, it was brilliant! 

There is a route you can drive/walk for $20 entry fee. We took our car through and parked up on the way for exploring and photos. It is pretty big and the drive takes about 25 minutes.

The Pinnacles were formed over 30,000 years ago after coastal winds eroded the sand, leaving limestone pillars. Some of these are over five metres in size. (I did have to double check these facts against my notes).

I’m just over 5ft so I’m not the tallest of people but you can see how big they are! 

Getting here was pretty easy and the area is incredible for camping and FREE, WITH TOILETS. Waking up on a beach is heaven. The typical Australian road trip would be the East Coast but I personally enjoyed the West Coast more. For experiences like this, you can probably see why.  

This was our camp site on Green Head beach. It was bliss. There were only a couple of other campers there so it was lovely and peaceful for us. Our car was perfect for camping too. We bought foam and had it cut to fit the size of our car so we always had a comfortable nights sleep, more comfortable than most hotels we stayed at actually. With all the free camping we did it pretty much paid for itself.

Looking as this image makes me wish I was back on the road right now instead of feeding cows at a feed lot. Road tripping Australia is awesome, working not so much!

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  1. Love this! My dream trip is a year in Australia in a 4×4 with a rooftop tent. I reeeeally want to drive up the WA coast to the Northern Territory and back down through the middle of the country back to Perth. I’ll add this drive to my list! πŸ˜„


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