The grocery overload.

We have been working on the feed lot for almost three months now. The time has flown by. Time flies when you’re having fun… Or working 11 hour shifts everyday!

Before we were hired for this job, we were actually set up to go back to the dairy farm we previously worked for. It was all systems go but then the employees who were leaving decided to stay. Annoying. We found alternative work quickly but we had already bought a motorbike. The dairy provides a work car so we thought the bike would be perfect for cruising around on our days off. For grocery shopping and long distances however, it’s proving a pain in the butt (literally).

Mitch’s face says it all really. How…?!

We shop every two weeks which is pretty good going given the limited space we have. A fruit and veg van comes out to the town every week so it’s really just meats and snacks we buy at the supermarket. 

We shouldn’t joke about it, but if we ever had an accident, we would be taken in covered in baked beans and spaghetti hoops. The hospital staff would be unsure if we had a bike accident, or the most severe food fight they had ever seen.

I love motorbikes but not when it comes to grocery shopping. 


  1. Had a friend with the same problem so he made a sidecar – went well for a couple of months until the sidecar began falling apart, he allows as how building things isn’t his strong point and he should have known better, so he’s back to two wheeling with smaller loads. – E for effort though.

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