Chasing waterfalls and imitating a shampoo advert in Far North Queensland

Yes I went with the very original title of ‘chasing waterfalls’. I just couldn’t resist using the 90’s hit song as a reference.

Thank you TLC. 

The tropics of far north Queensland are so different from other parts of Queensland. If you get the chance to travel that far up the coast, I would strongly recommend it. There’s a lot to see in the Tablelands and you won’t be disappointed. 

Just over 100km south-west of Cairns, there is a circuit which takes you around three waterfalls. These are the Millaa Millaa falls, Zillie falls and Ellinjaa falls. You can swim in Millaa Millaa falls but be warned, it is absolutely freezing

This is the same waterfall used for the Herbal Essences advert so you have to brave it for that infamous hair flick photo. 

I think the boys did a better job than we did!

If you’re lucky enough, you will see a few turtles swimming around here. We visited the waterfalls around mid-morning so we were quite lucky that there weren’t a lot of people around. This was great for us to as we got to flick our hair to our heart’s content, or until we gave ourselves whiplash.

The second waterfall on the drive is Zillie falls. I have no idea how to get to the bottom of this one but the view from the top is brilliant. 

As a disclaimer, there is a fence you’re not meant to climb over. I did because I am an irresponsible adult, please don’t copy me. It is very, very high up.

The last waterfall on the trail is the Ellinjaa falls. You have to walk for ten minutes to get to this one. The water is too shallow to swim in but you can paddle if you wish.

My favourite waterfall was definitely the Millaa Millaa falls. So much so that we came back here on the bike a couple of times.

There are a few tours you can arrange in Cairns for this waterfall circuit if you don’t have a car. I would suggest hiring a car rather than a tour though, especially when you’re in a group as it’s much cheaper and more of an experience.
Apologies for the bad quality in a few of my images. I had uploaded them to facebook then forgot where I saved them… Smart. Facebook strips the quality which is annoying but more annoying that I’ve misplaced the originals! Hopefully I’ll find them soon and be able to replace the images.


  1. Hey, nice blog there! Lovey location too. And you are right boys always the winners! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Regarding the lost photos, if you are taking photos on mobile phone then use Google Photos, that way they get backed up on googles cloud storage automatically and there will not be lost photos.

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  2. I want to go chasing waterfalls, too. It’s been one in my bucket list yet I just haven’t got time to do it. Thank you for this post as it reminds me about it. โ˜บ


  3. Not one to watch TV (or stream on-line these days), I missed the Herb Essence add… Don’t use that product either. Nice views of the falls. Be cautious when defying fences, which are more likely to protect the landowner from liability form adults who are not cautious. Happy travels. – Oscar


  4. Can’t wait for the day when l say look I finally made it to Australia. Keep inspiring with your awesome pictures and stories!


  5. See here you go adding things to my list. Lol. My kids will thank you. Not really, they think K I am a weirdo but I think seeing these places in person is worth it. Love the pics and the story. Take me with you next time. Lol.


  6. There is something special about a waterfall that seems to draw us. Maybe it is the sight of the water flowing over the edge or maybe it is the raw power that the water represents. Or maybe it is just that we are drawn to waterfalls because of the refreshing coolness that fills the air around the waterfall. Whatever it is, there is an attraction to waterfalls.
    Thanks for Sharing

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  7. We visited here in 2015, just before the Wet and the waterfalls were the barest of trickles. Still a great circuit and cooler than it was down in Cairns. Thanks for the memories.

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