UFOs in the outback, Wycliffe Well NT

After spending the night at the Devil’s Marbles (separate post to follow) we were heading to Wycliffe Well, the UFO capital of Australia. We had no idea this place existed until we found it on the map that morning. The night before we had watched Paul and star gazed so it was a great place to stumble upon. Believe it or not, we did see flashing lights in the sky which I will claim as a UFO but it was most likely just a satellite… It counts as an unidentified flying object if you’re not sure what it is though right?

We came to the UFO centre for some breakfast and much needed coffee. The food here was really good and the staff were so nice. We had bacon and eggs on toast and enjoyed it next to the wall of newspaper clippings of all of the sightings in Wycliffe Well. A really good idea from the owners and really entertaining to read. There used to be a folder containing all of the sightings but a wonderful person stole it a few years ago. The articles on the wall are more than enough to read and offer some great stories.

Wycliffe Well boasts one of the top five hot-spots in the world to see a UFO. The most common sighting has been a cigar shaped flying object with horizontal flashing lights. This has been said to hover above the toilet block at the campground, then zoom off at a substantial speed. We didn’t stay at this campground but I really wish we had as it would of been great to stay up UFO spotting. The ground is so flat here and seems to stretch endlessly and with no light pollution, you get a brilliant 360 degree view of the sky. You can see now why it’s one of the best places to see ET. 

Personally I’m not really sure whether I believe in the extraterrestrial beings. I definitely don’t believe that they would have gigantic heads with tiny bodies and tooth picks for necks, where is the logic? I don’t think a body like that would be able to support the weight of the head surely. Perhaps there is something out there though without a huge head. 

If you are planning on taking a trip though Austrlia’s centre, this place is awesome and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s great fun and a brilliant place to stop to break up the endless drive through the outback.


  1. omg so cool!! I love hearing stories about UFO sightings – My grandparents grew up on a farm in rural Australia and said a number of times they saw things that appeared to be bright lights low to the ground that would hover and then speed off in a flash.


  2. We’re off the explore SE Asia in July as our visas are up. I have loved our time here but I’m looking forward to our next adventure 😀
    Thanks for commenting ♥

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  3. This looks great! So quiet too – was it quiet? Looks like you were the only people there. If I go to Australia, definitely one to consider. Thanks for sharing your adventures about it.


    1. We got there very early so it was quiet for us. By the time we left it was pretty busy 🙂
      The best time of year for this place is winter because it is still hot but not unbearable.


    1. So annoying! There are sightings listed back to around World War II apparently as well. Just another reason I prefer dogs to humans ha ha 🙂
      Nice to hear from you Sue 😊

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  4. Haha this is awesome!! Just when I think I know everywhere I want to visit in Australia, bam there’s another awesome place! I can’t believe someone stole a folder of stuff though. That place sounds so cool anyway!


    1. If you go here spend a night at the campsite! My biggest regret of this road trip is that we didn’t. We only found out about it that morning though. I would of loved to of been UFO spotting on the night 👽

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  5. This place was neat, unfortunately we didn’t stay here too long though. Speaking of light pollution, we did stay at Kings Creek station in the NT one night. The view of the stars was incredible, like nothing I had seen with my own eyes.


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