Shakespeare and Company book store, Paris

For all the book worms out there, this store is a little slice of heaven.

So this blog post is a bit of a sneaky one as you’re not actually meant to take photos here. I was very quick and discrete when I took mine, so please don’t think of me as an annoying tourist with their camera in everyone’s face… Also, if I didn’t take them how would I share this amazing place with my lovely subscribers?

Just opposite the Notre Dame, this place was pretty easy to find. My sister and I visited early in the morning so we were able to manoeuvre around the store without getting in the way of anyone.

They have such a wide range of variety so it’s a great place to pick up a good book and if you fancy staying to read it, there are plenty of nooks to hide away in.Also you’ll be in great company. This is Aggie, she’s gorgeous and yes I broke the rules again and gave her an ear scratch. She was too cute not to though! Around the shop are funny signs referring to Aggie. A quick Instagram search for this book store and most photos include this little cat.Almost 100 years old, this store is a gem in the latin quarter of Paris. It’s a beautiful area and apparently it’s also a great plaice to stop for a photo shoot too! (We only got a little bit in the way).

22 thoughts on “Shakespeare and Company book store, Paris

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  1. Ha ha funny how I was thinking of this library yesterday and saying to myself what a great idea they’ve had to forbid photos inside!
    You bad, bad, annoying tourist! 😜


  2. I didn’t finish. Great adventure in a book store. It is a bit like time travel which I write. Where to next or am I behind on blogs?

    Safe adventures ahead!



    1. At the moment I’m working at home in the UK and saving up for the next trip. Haven’t finished writing about Paris so there will be some more posts to follow 🙂

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  3. It is an amazing bookstore with a fascinating history. It was an important gathering place for American ex-pat writers starting in the 1920’s up until WWII. Your photographs do give a feel for the place.

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  4. Another great thing about this bookstore is the workshops they have (I think most of them if not all are free)! Highly recommend!!!


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