A Hen Do in Benidorm

Three words to describe our trip; hilarious, fun and definitely memorable. Since watching the ITV program Benidorm, my curiosity was sparked. I’ve always wanted to know if the real Benidorm was really like what it is portrayed to be. Spoiler alert… it’s only like it in some areas.

We stayed in the old town of Benidorm which still has hen and stag dos, but it’s not as many as the new town. For us, staying in the old town was ideal because we had the best of both. It was close enough to get to the new town and far enough away to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Our first day in Benidorm is a bit of a blur… Sun exposure and too much “alcohol” had us defeated by 3pm. We ended up in the Hard Rock bar and then in the sea. Not for long though because it was FREEZING. The chilly dip definitely sobered me up and it was time to head back to freshen up and get ready for round two. Well, round two turned out to be all of us in glorified pyjamas, eating paella, drinking Fanta lemon and going to bed at 10pm. Wild, right?

The cocktail making competition
The bride to be having to do the forfeit

The rest of our days were a lot more tame after this. We had a cocktail making class, a BBQ on the beach and we explored the old town of Benidorm. I also ate a lot of cured meat baguettes. It’s not surprising I came back a few pounds heavier than when I left!

This night was a big surprise for our hen. For months we’ve been secretly planning our outfits and we pulled off the surprise Harry Potter theme perfectly. We all dressed up as Harry Potter characters with Kate as Harry. I’m just realising now that there’s not actually any photos of me on my blog… So if anyone’s wondering, I’m the idiot holding up the owl.

Hangovers aside, this was one of the best trips I’ve ever had. Benidorm may have a questionable reputation, but it was a lot of fun. Besides, it’s not always where you go, it’s who you go with and I couldn’t of asked for a better group. There are A LOT of photos that didn’t make it into this post and for good reason… What happens in Benidorm stays in Benidorm, apart from the shock horror of Sticky Vicky. That stays and follows you forever. If you don’t know who Sticky Vicky is, please do not google. Somethings are better off unknown!


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