The Upside down house, Bristol

It’s been raining a lot here lately, so inside activities are a must. I’ve never been to an upside down house, nor did I really know what my sister was talking about when she suggested we visited one.

My sister, Chloe

Honestly I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. I felt like such a fool but at the same time I didn’t really care. At first we were awkwardly standing and smiling (I really hate having my photo taken) but then very quickly we were making silly poses trying to top the last one and make each other laugh.

My impression of the exorcist
Super strong

There are quite a few of these houses popping up (or down?) around the UK. If there’s one near you I would definitely recommend going in and striking some poses.

When gravity returns

Of course covid regulations are still in place. The house is cleaned and only one party in at a time. We didn’t have to wear masks because it was only us in there and the house was very well ventilated. So all in all it actually felt sort of normal! Well as normal as you can be when everything is on the ceiling.

Stay safe and don’t forget to keep washing your hands!


      1. That looks like so much fun! The Museum of Science and Technology where I grew up had a Crooked House. (I think that’s what they called it.) On field trips, it was always my favourite stop. I went back as an adult and was a bit surprised to realize all they’d done was build the main floor of a house, tilted to one side. I honestly thought it was on a gimbal and shifted depending on where the weight was, it threw me so off-balance as a kid.

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  1. Ok….I’m still trying to figure out how you took those pictures? Did you turn them upside down to post them?

    As a kid and even occasionally as an adult, I enjoyed hanging my head over my bed and imaging that there was no furniture on the floor and you had to step over to step into the room.

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    1. Yes I flipped the photos around. The furniture is all stuck to the ceiling (just like in the Twits by Roald Daul, remember that book?)

      I used to hang upside down and watch TV! ha ha 😁

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