Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

Cheddar Gorge is located in the Medip Hills, near the village of Cheddar. Its the UK’s largest gorge and has some incredible views both from the top and bottom.

Mitch didn’t want his photo taken, can you tell? He he

You’re probably thinking you’ve heard of Cheddar before? Yup, Cheddar cheese is from Cheddar! It was created here in the 12th century and is still very popular today. The cheese is kept in the Gorge’s caves as they are consistently at 7 degrees no matter what time of year, or weather. Which makes it a perfect spot for the cheese to mature.

Not only popular with visitors, it’s also full of feral goats. They are amazing to watch as they climb up the steep sides on their tiny little hooves. You nervously watch as you expect one to fall at any second but thankfully they never do.

Scratching his head against a tree

When we reached the top, we actually had a little ram approach us. He got scared at the last minute though and ran away. The wildlife are probably used to stupid tourists taking their photos and pointing excitedly at them.

Spotted me
Changing direction and his mind
Showing me his bottom and something else, thanks a lot.

Apologies for Mitch’s head blocking the last two photos. These were taken from the bike at the bottom of the gorge. These were the sides we had just climbed up and where you can see the view from in the previous photos. They don’t look that high here because the highest point is further back.

I was glad to be back on the bike after that walk/climb. My legs were aching the next day, I need to take them on more trips like these I think!

Hope everyone is staying safe and well!

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